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SAS Enterprise Miner Workstation 12.1

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SAS Enterprise Miner Workstation 12.1

Hi All,

What exactly  is Enterprise Miner Workstation?

My understanding is that it should enable me to develop models even when I am not connected to the SAS server on my network. But when I try to create a project it says "The server process did not start".

Is my understanding correct? Could you point me to some resource that can help me understand this better.



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Re: SAS Enterprise Miner Workstation 12.1

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Re: SAS Enterprise Miner Workstation 12.1

If you are not connected to a remote SAS server, then EM workstation would then need to connect to a 'local' SAS server on your workstation. This requires that you have Foundation SAS (Base SAS) and SAS/STAT installed on your workstation. I suggest you check for these in Windows Control Panel.

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Re: SAS Enterprise Miner Workstation 12.1

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SAS Enterprise Miner Workstation is a standalone variety of SAS Enterprise Miner that is designed to work locally on the machine where it is installed via a basic installation. You are correct- you do not connect to any server(s) when you use this variety to create mining projects. They are all processed and stored locally.


Here is a SAS note that documents common error messages encountered during project creation. I think it does document the one you are seeing as well:


Problem Note 58799: Diagnosing and resolving SAS® Enterprise Miner(tm) project creation errors 


I would review this SAS note.






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