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SAS Enterprise Guide response file

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SAS Enterprise Guide response file



I created a silent install for SAS Enterprise Guide 9.4 using a response file and it installs with no issues, however I work in application packaging and following this field best practices I would like to replace the hard coded path in the response file line "SAS_INSTALLATION_DATA=\\our packagin server\licensefile.txt(for example, this is the same path where the response file is located)" with a variable or something so the file contains no hard coded paths. Are there any variables or something I can use in the response file that indicate the same path where the response file is located so I can avoid using hard coded paths?


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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide response file



someone correct me please if I am wrong, but as far as I know, this is not possible.


You maye want to run it by TS to see if they might have a possible solution or more info on that.




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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide response file

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To be sure, SAS EG 6/7 can be installed in two ways :


1. using SAS Deployment Wizard and a SASDepot


2. with SAS EG independent installation package (~ MSI format ) See. appendix A in the reference below :


SAS EG independent installer can be found inside the SASDepot itself :


<SAS Depot root folder>\standalone_installs\


Either ways no. 1 & 2 can use silent installs with Response properties but neither (officially) can invoke environment variables storing installation paths, or something approaching which would answer your need like for instance :


SET SYS_VAR_HOME=<choose one>

setup.exe -install %SYS_VAR_SASHOME% 


Usage no. 2 requires only one path (SAS_HOME) in its response properties. I suppose usage no. 1 also requires the SAS licence path. 

Of course, you could also try to script some shell launcher that dynamically creates a disposable for each installation, taking the install path(s) as parameters , broadly like :


launcher_install_sas_eg.cmd, PS1 etc. <SAS_HOME>


:: launcher script

:: create

echo SAS_HOME=%1% > ...\

echo SAS_EG_MODE=32-bit >  ...\

echo LANGUAGE_SELECTION=en etc. > ...\

:: run SAS installer based on previous

setup.exe -install ...\


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