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SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1 slowness

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SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1 slowness

We are expereicing slowness in EG 7.11 when we open a large project. There is almost a 45 seconds lag when we try to switch to EG from other application. This is happeneing with large EG projects. The same projects work fine on EG 5.1 Does anyone else expereicned this issue? Also, it takes a while when we try to open/close the project. Also, while closing how to stop SAS on checking temporary data? It takes 3 - 4 minutes when I close the project in EG 7.11

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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1 slowness

I have.  SAS recommended that I turn off AUTOCORRECT.  Go to Program|Editor Options... to find Autocomplete tab.

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