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SAS Enterprise GRC 4.31 error after login

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SAS Enterprise GRC 4.31 error after login


i have strange error "this item has been deleted and cannot be displayed" right after the user logged in to SAS EGRC 4.31 which is running under MS server (SAS 9.3 platform).

this error occurs for few users after doing some dataload related to (risk type, controls).

i have restart the GRC services but the issue still exist.

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Re: SAS Enterprise GRC 4.31 error after login

Hello @Saud,


did you have the opportunity to read into the eGRC web application logs? You should be able to see the same errors being written for the users with problems.


We can theorize about the issue (as data missing on the DB, or missing item on your xml definitions, or even permissions), but those will be blind hits without the right information.


Thank you in advance,

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