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SAS EG Connection profile Error

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SAS EG Connection profile Error

I am getting this Error with stating "Connection to the server DIApp could not be established" while running a SAS Code.

This seems to be an error with the Connection profile.Could anyone please help me on this?

Apprciate your response.



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Re: SAS EG Connection profile Error

Test your credentials by logging on to the server via ssh or telnet. If that works, try to run a simple sas program in batch mode and look at the log. Also have your administrator take a look at the spawner log.

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Re: SAS EG Connection profile Error

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Hi Kurt,

Thanks for the Response.

I am able to make a Connection to the profile with the same login in SMC. I had a look into the Object spawner log even but seems to have no clue about the DIApp error. Is it an issue with the User login or User permission which is not allowing it in SAS EG.

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Re: SAS EG Connection profile Error

The java clients (SMC DI  infomap ) are sharing the connection profile definitions. (can be configured)

Eguide Amo as .NET share the connection profile. But the Jave and .Net connections profiles are never shared.

You are probably having a problem with the EGuide connection version.

There is weird pitfall in behavior. When your password has changed on the OS is it possible Eguide is failing to recognize that.

The OS password is cached in the SAs metadata to prevent continuously login requests. When you are running code is has no options to give you a popup tot correct that one.

To be sure always open the filename/libname folders in EGuide so you can see some OS information. By that you know all is correct. Than proceed running code.  

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