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SAS Deployment

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SAS Deployment

If ip address,domain and other network idetifiers change for each environment like dev,test & PROD, is it feasible to change the same in SAS configuration?

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Re: SAS Deployment

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Hello @roshanara,


it is always feasible, whilst sometimes it could be easier or harder. What SAS version and solution do you have installed?


Here there is an initial descriptiol about the process:


So, generally speaking, if you run Update Hostname wiht the Deployment Manager, you will cover most of your deployment, but there are some considerations:


- some components, depending on your deployment, might not have a full update, for that you can pass a grep utility on your sas code and configuration files.

- Check Some items are very useful such as or


Still, you will need to take care of the domains in your accounts. For that purpose you have available a command line: SASPlatformObjectFramework/9.4/ChangeLoginDomain. This will allow you to change every domain on SAS users' logins.


In case that your SAS accounts will change the password, you can do it with the SAS deployment manager



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