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SAS Data Surveyor Best Practices - HELP!

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SAS Data Surveyor Best Practices - HELP!

My company will be implementing Data Surveyor soon and I was wondering who typically has access to this tool.

We have 160 SAS users and I am concerned that giving them all this tool may impact our SAP Production system.

Can anyone who administers this tool give some advice?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you!!!


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Re: SAS Data Surveyor Best Practices - HELP!

Impossible to give some good advice based on so little information.

I suggest that you engage an architecture consultant that can investigate in the requirements and possible impact on your SAP system.

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Re: SAS Data Surveyor Best Practices - HELP!

Hi - this is logged in as Community Admin.  Nice meeting you at SAS Global Forum 2015. Glad you could also meet !

I'm adding a comment to bump this question up to see if someone else may have an answer to your question. I'm also moving this to the community since you mentioned you were also an administrator.

Does anyone know about this by chance?

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Re: SAS Data Surveyor Best Practices - HELP!

Hello, Rita,

I have spoken with several folks and they recommend that you work with your SAS Account team to find a SAS technical architect to help determine what your users will be doing so that we can provide you with a valuable and helpful answer.

I have someone in R&D who will help the SAS technical architect once that person has been identified. You can either reply to this post or send me a direct message when you have the infomration ready.

Best of luck,


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