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SAS Contextual Analysis and Windows Server 2012 R2 - user permissions

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SAS Contextual Analysis and Windows Server 2012 R2 - user permissions



i implemented groups for user permissions in Active Directory, the users all have adminstrator permissions on the server through the groups, but in SAS they are not allowed to act like they have administrator permissions.


If I directly give them the Administrator permission on the Windows Server, without going the way of allocating the users to a certain group, they are able to perform the tasks in SAS, they weren't able to do before.


Does anyone had this kind of situation before? I don't know why it does not work with the Group Permissions?


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Re: SAS Contextual Analysis and Windows Server 2012 R2 - user permissions

Hello @tausendSASsa,


I am not quite sure about the content of your problem and question (we might need some additional information of specification), but I am going to give it a try.


- If you speak about file system permissions, we are not Windows experts. Although our experience can give some direction. What I can tell you is that W2012 changed a bit the permissions. Somehow to include a group or person in the group Local Administrators, will provide the required grants on most of the configurations, but for the filesystem you will still need to set a group (different one) with the right Explicit permissions on the folders or drives. Do not trust completely the permissions on the local Administrators group set on file system.


- If you speak about the application and the SAS metadata, you would need to use the SAS Management Console as Administrator user (sasadm@saspw if you do not have another personal account) to grant the permissions. A basic action is to add the users you need to the SAS Administrators group, but beware this grants full permissions. 


For further information I would recommend you to read:

- SAS® Contextual Analysis documentation: , specially the Administration Guide.

- And the SAS® 9.4 Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide

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