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SAS Contextual Analysis - Performance Tuning ?

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SAS Contextual Analysis - Performance Tuning ?



we run SAS Contextual Analysis from our Client Machines as a Web Client. The Installation is on a SAS Server Machine. The Platform is a Windows Server 2012 R2, the clients use Windows 7 and Internet Explorer.


Our Clients experience a general lack of Performance, as the Web Client of SAS Contextual Analysis is not working fluidly. The lack of Performance does not only occur while running a Analysis, but in general during navigating through the GUI of SAS Contextual Analysis. But also while small Analyses containing about 50.000 rows.


Does anyone have spontaneous suggestions, if there are any parameters or similar to change or set to increase general Performance of SAS Contextual Analysis? Or could it be the Browser itself which is leading to problems?


We only have about 2 or 3 users. For SAS EM and Textminer and SAS Contextual Analysis we only run one Application Server.



I am looking forward to hear some suggestions. Thank you already!


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Re: SAS Contextual Analysis - Performance Tuning ?

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Hello @tausendSASsa,


I think you won't need to check performance on your Compute tier (Application Server - SASApp), but only on your client and Web tier.


Regarding the web tier, please check my post in this link


And regarding the client tier, you can always check the status of the RAM and CPU on the clients and you can with your network team if there are lost packages in the network, delays on response times etc, and if you have virtualized clients, such as Citrix, Microsoft AppV or ThinApp, it would be work a check with them. If the clients run on thin clients, low resources and security settings might be also caouse of the trouble.


Finally, if nothing of this can help you, please share your question with SAS Technical Support.


Kind regards,


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