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SAS Connect server Disconnects

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SAS Connect server Disconnects

Hi All,

I am running a SAS Program in EG 5.1 which is a connection to SAS Connect after some hours it gets disconnected showing the following error message

NOTE: Remote submit to WINDOWS commencing.

ERROR: Conversation termination; status=1.

ERROR: A link must be established by executing the SIGNON command before you can communicate with WINDOWS.

ERROR: Remote submit to WINDOWS canceled.

NOTE: The link to WINDOWS has been terminated. You must SIGNON to reestablish the link.

There is no firewall in betweeen

Please help me in resolving this issue



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Re: SAS Connect server Disconnects

What did you check?  Do you use asynchronous mode, which server type (windows I assume). Eguide is having a lot timeouts settings most of them are hidden.  The server can have policies on processings.

A message with just saying "I have a problem  ....  "  is not a very complete start.  "Houston we have a problem ....."  Was just the beginning. 

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