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SAS Clients deployment/distribution?

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SAS Clients deployment/distribution?

This is more of a cheeky way or polling than a question per se though i couldn't think of any other place that has the same audience than this forum Smiley Wink
Question : "what technology or way of deployment/distribution do you use?" "Are you happy with it?"
Example answer: v-app, no Smiley Wink or citrix, yes.

Your ansewrs will not be used innany shape or form anywhere and my intensions are strictly honourable Smiley Wink

Thank you in advance for your answers and support!

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Re: SAS Clients deployment/distribution?

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Hello @Sergey,


about your post, I have to say it took me a couple of reads to fully understand your message Smiley Happy But now I get it. Interesting question.

Make a survey like that is always interesting, altough my personal recommendation for you is to try to make it as simplier (and anonymous) as possible. I personally like doodle ( ) also for informal meeting managements, but you can chose one of your own. Then anyone can vote with a couple of clicks and put their real name, or not, their choice. And you will get your data Smiley Wink


On my personal experience, I have deployed SAS and non-SAS clients locally on a PC, on a Terminal Server and on App-V, Clitrix, ThinApp..., no problems in the end with any of them, as long as you are aware of the boundaries of each of them, and the user and IT requirements (such as the RAM, maintenance (SSL, hotfixes...), access to the logs of the clients, network requirements, etc).


To wrap it up, it is always important to keep in mind the official SAS statements about the topic, specially regarding what is supported and what not:


Presentation Virtualization Environments
SAS 9.2 and later can be deployed into a presentation virtualization environment as per the following guidelines:
Support is available for the following Virtual User Interface (VUI) environments on the Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012 family, 32-bit or x64 editions.
Terminal Services in Windows Server 2003
Terminal Services for Windows Server 2008
Remote Desktop Services Windows Server 2008 R2
Remote Desktop Services Windows Server 2012
Remote Desktop Services Windows Server 2012 R2
Citrix Presentation ServerTM 4.0
Citrix Presentation ServerTM 4.5
Citrix XenAppTM 5.0 and higher

Application Virtualization (Streaming) Environments
SAS will work with customers to support the deployment of SAS 9.3 (and later) desktop applications 
in application virtualization environments on a reasonable-effort basis.
These environments include VMware ThinApp, Microsoft App-V, and Citrix XenApp.
In these instances, the customer assumes responsibility for resolving environment differences
if SAS cannot reproduce the problem in-house in a currently supported non-virtualized environment.



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