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SAS Client Installation

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SAS Client Installation

i am trying to install sas Client in windows machine and i get this error (attached photo) Smiley Happy

so can any one help me with this 
thank you very much 

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Re: SAS Client Installation



Are you running the install from a Software depot?  

What are the windows/steps before you get this message?  Install SAS Software > Select SAS Order > Select Products etc....?




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Re: SAS Client Installation

Is this new installation or you installed SAS before on this machine?

Are you sure that your SID site number match one of your order site numbers?

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Re: SAS Client Installation

I don't have access to the Deployment Wizard (and especially not 9.3).

But to me it looks like  you have made a choice to apply license to metadata server, and that is not necessary.

Please describe the steps that you have taken prior to encounter this message.

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Re: SAS Client Installation

Indeed. The weird thing is that applying license to metadata is typically a function of Deployment Manager, not Deployment Wizard. That's confusing.
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