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SAS CPM8.1 under a Virtual Desktop environment

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SAS CPM8.1 under a Virtual Desktop environment

I am working within a firm that has implemented SAS CPM8.1 under both a Desktop Client environment as well as newly added AppSphere (Citrix) virtual environment. I am testing out the virtual environment (stand alone - 'Guinea Pig') with the plan for the remainder of my colleagues to move from desktop / laptop to the AppSphere virtual environment. Recently I have been experiencing issues where the SAS web services appear to be affected when the virtual session stops intermittently (stalls / resets). Does anyone else have experience on a virtual desktop 'set-up who may have experienced similar issues. I am trying to ascertain if the Server hosting web services could be ‘reading’ these incidents as a loss of service and in trying to remediate the problem, and eventually going into a state of overload like a denial of service (DoS) situation. There appears to be no obvious error messaging which explains what is happening and eventually the only solution is to restart all related services. I am looking for guidance as to what to do next?

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Re: SAS CPM8.1 under a Virtual Desktop environment



Do you get any error messages or warnings, anything that could help troubleshooting,

eg in the SASCostandProfitabilityManagement8.1.log, or web server logs?

config dir/.../web/logs

config dir/.../web/common/logConfig


What version of AppSphere are you running?

You probably have the correct version, but just to be certain, please check:


Is this an intermittent problem or one that you experience all the time?





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Re: SAS CPM8.1 under a Virtual Desktop environment

Thank you for your reply. It has proven to be a server hardware issue and not related to either SAS or AppSphere.
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