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SAS Autosys scheduling on windows

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SAS Autosys scheduling on windows

Hi Gurus,

 I am trying to schedule SAS job using Autosys.

We have LSF but we want to move towards a command scheduling tool across organisation for differents programmings tools.

I am facing a problem while executing the command through Autosys, it gives an error message that the file could not be found on the path specified, but when I use the same command after logging on to the sas server, where autosys fires the command, I get proper results.

I am not sure if I am missing anything, any pointers would be appreciated.




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Re: SAS Autosys scheduling on windows

Hard to give accurate help with this litle information.

Are you for instance using the same user account?

A general guideline would be to mimic LSF execution as close as possible just to get the basics working, then you can refine.

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