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SAS Admins: New community board for SAS hot fix updates

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SAS Admins: New community board for SAS hot fix updates

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Are you responsible for staying current about the latest fixes to SAS software? Do you subscribe to TSNEWS-L to receive the weekly updates?

There's now a new way to learn about and find SAS hot fixes -- right here on the community! We've created a new "Hot Fix News" board to share timely bulletins about fixes as they become available.  


Here's an easy-to-remember site URL:


On the hot fix board, you can select different ways to be notified about new updates. You can recieve e-mail notices with each hot fix bulletin, subscribe using its RSS feed, or simply visit the board regularly.  Read about how to use the board here.  


You'll notice that these hot fix bulletins contain more information than you find via TSNEWS-L.  You get direct links to download, plus the lists of issues that each fix addresses.  You can easily filter your view of the board by "Label" -- the product names that are relevant to you.




Let us know what you think! 

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