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SAS Administrator Cert

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SAS Administrator Cert

Hello all,


I'm starting to prep to take the SAS admin exam. I'm looking for any help with information, study guide, practice exams, etc .. Any help is appreciated!





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Re: SAS Administrator Cert

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To learn something good (and at the end entitle yourself a credential), there are no silver bullet.

So for me, practice at work, look at the certification content, and read/practice (if possible) them.


Practice exams are available through Pearson Vue:

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Re: SAS Administrator Cert

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Hi Andrew,


take a look at the following link:


Scroll down towards the end to Platfrom Admin and take a look at the example questions.


For a question such as

"The location of the repository manager physical files can be found in"

one of the topics you could read up on is:

Being aware of the Metadata Server, its config files and log files.


For a question such as "By default, which groups have WriteMetadata on the Foundation repository?",

looking over the authorization part of the Platform will prepare you.


If you haven't seen the questions on the link I referenced, one of the ways to approach the exam is reading

up on the chapters around the questions.


You can see what's about security, config files, users/groups, SAS servers etc.,

so you can work with the SASMC Admin Guide, Platform Admin Guide and Sec Guide to go through the

areas covered in that certification.



to find the admin guides I mentioned above.


Hope that helps!

Good luck!!


Feel free to post any questions you might have regarding any of the chapters/questions on the

ref site.




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