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SAS Add-in for Excel installation error

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SAS Add-in for Excel installation error


While I am installing SAS Add-in for Microsoft Excel I am getting the following Error, Please advise

Error: SAS Mete Bridges4.1 not configured on this SAS home, alos I could't find SASMeta bridges on SAS Home.

C:\Program Files\SASHome\

Thanks In Advance!

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Re: SAS Add-in for Excel installation error

It looks like some of the pre-requisites are not installed. I would check through all of the products listed in Deployment Manager for any client tools that may not be installed.

Later versions of the SAS Add-in come with their own stand-alone installer which makes it a lot easier, for example 6.1 or 7.1. You could request the latest version from SAS (including EG) as these are compatible with SAS versions back to 9.2.

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