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SAS ABM 72 Updated sas-environment.xml not showing

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SAS ABM 72 Updated sas-environment.xml not showing


I'm trying to edit the sas-environment.xml file to add more environments for SAS ABM.

I'm using SAS(R) 9.2 Intelligence Platform: Web Application Administration Guide, Fourth Edition as a guideline where to change the file.

But even after restarting Websphere or all SAS servers running on Unix, the old xml file keeps showing up when accessing it using a webbrowser.

When checking the file on unix itself, the new content shows.

Any idea how to get the newly updated sas-environment.xml file live?


Paul de Hoop,

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Re: SAS ABM 72 Updated sas-environment.xml not showing


If the connection is not made as adviced by this note to a web-server .....

Then this behavior is very well to be expected.

Websphere, better said the java container,  is not using this file directly but an own cached version to be maintained  as websphere admin. Do you have a webserver? Then the settings/configurations of the web-server should make the connection. The webserver admin should help you out with that.

Availabilty of a good SAS plaform admin and a well prepared implementation design should have prevented your question, 

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