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SAS 9.4 to Hadoop Connectivity

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SAS 9.4 to Hadoop Connectivity

Hello Friends,


I need your help in connecting from SAS 9.4 to Hadoop.


I never worked before with SAS connecting Hadoop


I would appreciate if any one can assist me with the step by step Instructions for connecting from SAS to Hadoop.

and how to pull the Data from Hadoop to SAS and from SAS to Hadoop.


Thank you all in Advance


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Re: SAS 9.4 to Hadoop Connectivity

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For most deployments, you will perform configuration steps in this guide first. A checklist to help you verify your Hadoop environment is included, along with configuration steps for the following technologies: HADOOP procedure, FILENAME statement for Hadoop Access Method, SAS Scalable Performance Data (SPD) Engine, SAS/ACCESS Interface to Hadoop, SAS/ACCESS Interface to HAWQ (9.4M3), and SAS/ACCESS Interface to Impala. Also, information about vendor-specific Hadoop JAR files and SAS environment variables for Hadoop is included.

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Re: SAS 9.4 to Hadoop Connectivity

Thank you, Alex for the prompt reply.I truly appreciate that.

Though this doc is helpful to some extent, it's very vast.

am looking for something specifically high-level steps which

can be helpful to me while answering in Interview panel.

what are the initial steps we do for Hadoop connectivity with SAS like what are the software needs get into the server and what environmental variables need to setup and Java files setup...and some kind of Authentication and last connectivity test..etc.

hope you got what am looking for.



Thank you 

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Re: SAS 9.4 to Hadoop Connectivity

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The best answer in an interview if you don't know is, "I don't know but here's what I'd do to find out and implement it. I'd review the instructions in guide book above, develop a plan based on our set up, and test in dev, etc."
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Re: SAS 9.4 to Hadoop Connectivity

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In my experience no one has asked me for specific instructions on how to implement a particular technology ever in an interview situation. IMO such questions are plain dumb as they are expecting the interviewee in be a waiking instruction manual. On the other hand I would expect to be asked how I would approach such a task in general terms if the job on offer required that skillset.


BTW, if you have never installed or configured SAS server software, trying to convince an interviewer you know how to install/configure is not a great place to start. On the other hand if you are experienced, I'd just say I know the general steps involved and I know how to research SAS's documentation and I have experience installing XYZ... A track record speaks for itself. 

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Re: SAS 9.4 to Hadoop Connectivity

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All these interview preparing inquiries.
Learn how to use the SW from the ground, then you can answer any question with confidence.
Why would an an interview panel be interested to hire someone that just read about it in a white paper, if they have the possibility to hire someone that have actual experience?
There must be several Global Forum papers on the subject, read the documentation, and try to do it.
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Re: SAS 9.4 to Hadoop Connectivity

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Hi @sasprofile


At least be able to find the install/config doc. Reading it would be a great idea because it is easy to mess this up.


Verify that the Hadoop distribution that you will be installing on is supported. If the distribution you plan to install on is not listed don't assume it will work.


Run the tool on the cluster to pull the required JAR and XML files.


Test the setup to ensure that SAS connects to the cluster... write data to the cluster... read data from the cluster...


If you are installing SAS Scoring Accelerator for Hadoop, or SAS Code Acclerator for Hadoop, install the SAS Embedded Process on the cluster's data nodes.


Test this install by running a job for each product (scoring or code) that you are licensed to run.


Best wishes,





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Re: SAS 9.4 to Hadoop Connectivity

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I'd like to add something in addition to all the great input you got.


For example, as Linus mentioned, you cannot learn how SAS and Hadoop works if you are not familiar with SAS.

Not knowing your experience level, and just speaking out of experience working with customers: do not

underestimate the foundation SAS admin requires. Meaning, there is a lot of basic ground to cover before

actually getting to install and configure additional products such as Hadoop w/ SAS.


As mentioned by someone prior, if you are knowledgeable w/ SAS administration, maybe really mentioning that you understand the SAS architecture, are experienced with SAS platform, and with that you could figure out how to set up things such as Hadoop

w/ SAS. Did they actually ask you to do a Hadoop / SAS config during the interview, or, are they asking for someone with Hadoop knowledge in their job description.


There is an article with a list of topics an admin should be familiar with, or better put,  these are things to make the daily SAS admininstration easier.

Maybe it helps you as a guideline to see what it all includes - again, not knowing your knowledge level w/ SAS admin.


If you don't mind sharing, are you familiar with SAS administration? Maybe if we'd know a little more about that, we could

provide you with some additional ideas and feedback.


Hope this helps.

Its not that much of tech input, rather a chin-up-it'll-be-all-good kinda post :-)




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