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SAS 9.4 M5 windows installation

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SAS 9.4 M5 windows installation



I am working on install and configuring SAS 9.5 M5 on a windows server(windows 2012 R2 - physical). It's a single machine install with both server and clients installed on the same machine.  Now the previous install of SAS 9.4 M3 was done on a different machine by a different person and I have to find what components were installed. I tried looking for Lev1 folder and I surprisingly did not find that. How do I know what tiers (meta/compute/midtier) were installed. Now I understand meta and compute are the ones that run SAS programs. How can I find out if there is a mid-tier too was installed.


Another surprising factor is that the previous install was not done with a deployment plan. It was just running the setup.exe and going next in windows (By choosing "Install SAS foundation and the related software" option). 


Now I read another post that says if the SOE says "deployment type as planned", then we need a deployment plan. Are there any exceptions to this (like single machine install does not need a deployment plan?)? Can I stick to the same option and proceed with the installation? 


Here is everything that order has. 

  SAS Analytics Pro, including the products:
• Base SAS
SAS Enterprise Guide
SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files




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Re: SAS 9.4 M5 windows installation


        The order you list is not a planning deployment.  You can install it by selecting "Install SAS foundation and the related software" and clicking through.  If Enterprise Guide needs to connect to a server running Metadata and an application server like SASApp you can do that when you start using the program.  


      Orders with Metadata Server, Web Servers and so on are planning deployments. Orders with just one user are not. 




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Re: SAS 9.4 M5 windows installation

Hello @Andy547,


So just to clarify, the SAS Enterprsie guide will be installed on the same server where metadata and compute will be installed (basically it's a one machine configuration) About 50 users RDP to the machine.  Did you mean "order with just one server are not"??


Hello @SASKiwi


I did reach out to our sas rep for a deployment plan. Probably he could further clarify. 


I had one more question. Where do check what SAS services are running on a windows machine? Like in linux, I check under /opt/sas/config/Lev1...I couldn't find anything under "services" :-(

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Re: SAS 9.4 M5 windows installation

@RupaJ - to find services under Windows open Task Manager (Ctr-Alt-Del) and go to the Services tab - a lot easier!

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Re: SAS 9.4 M5 windows installation

Have you actually discussed your SAS requirements with others in your organization and looked at the advantages and disadvantages of a planned deployment? IMO you will be missing out on a lot if you don't do a planning deployment. In my experience, almost all SAS server installs these days are planned deployments. You shouldn't necessarily just install in the same way your old server was done on your new server. BTW I assume you mean SAS 9.4M5, 9.5 is not yet available.


I recommend you contact your local SAS office to get expert advice on your SAS architecture. They can explain all of the options available to you so you make the right choices to meet your business needs. They also offer a free server sizing service to ensure you will have enough computing resources to meet your users' needs.

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