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SAS 9.4 Grid Installation.

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SAS 9.4 Grid Installation.

Hi All,


We got a new requirement to install SAS GRID on 4 servers on RHEL platfrom.


Client requires SAS EG and SAS E-miner applications.


1. Can you please suggest us best approach and in terms of architecture, memory utilization. cores etc.

2. How many days required to install SAS GRID on 4 servers.

3. Procedure for installation steps on 4 servers (I mean, first need to install SAS metadata server and remaining servers need to install LSF and then node manager)

4.Best Pratices while doing SAS Grid installation

5. File system information.


I am suggesting them to install metadata server on one server and remaining SAS Grid nodes but I am little bit confuse, if metadata server down, all grid nodes will down.


Shall I continue with my approach or any new suggestions to install SAS.




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Re: SAS 9.4 Grid Installation.

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#1: Always see what's available on the SAS support website:


Strongly suggest first port of call is the SAS 9.4 Install Center


and Scalability and Performance Papers


Plus there is a large amount of information on architecture, etc - search "Architecture" in the SAS Global Forum proceedings for the past year or two. has all the papers cataloged.


Best of luck!

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