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SAS 9.3 installation

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SAS 9.3 installation

Hello all, i am new at sas admin and i am trying to install sas 9.3 under my  machine from company's share file folders. Folder name, SAS Binaries, contains sas enterprise guide, JMP, MEDIA_DATE, ORDER_DATE,SID_FILES and all others sub folder along with setup.exe with SAS logo. So my question is if i am going to execute that .exe file, everything will install itself? I also wants to know if there is any prerequisit for SAS 9.3 and needed space for same.

I really appreciate help in this case.



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Re: SAS 9.3 installation


Check this link

What exactly you want to install.if it is just Base sas then setup.exe ->sas Foundation will suffice your requirement,but if you want to install sas EBI then you require third party tools as well.

If you want to install any product specific to you site(which in not covered in standard deployment then you need to raise a request to Sas support for PLAN file depending upon you requirement.)



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Re: SAS 9.3 installation


Be sure to read and heed the documents that Shiva referenced.  The structure of the data on the company's shares needs to be that of a 'SAS Software Depot'.

Even Base SAS may require additional software (or upgraded versions of software that are part of the Windows OS more generally).  The installation wizard will review your system and bring things up to date as needed.

Doc Muhlbaier


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