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SAS 9.2 Installation Issue. Need help

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SAS 9.2 Installation Issue. Need help

It's a SAS 9.2 version and my operating system is Win 7-64bit Home Premium. During installation, I did something stupid. I thought it took so long time to install, so I clicked "Stop" when it's still installing SAS Foundation. Later when I wanted to install again, there is no response when I try to run the setup.exe on the DVD. Then I copied all the files of DVD to my harddisk and tried to install from the harddisk. The setup wizard run this time but another problem happened: The SAS Foundation Part can't be installed, and the intallation gave me information below:

"The install failed to initialize for:

SAS Foundation

Retry will launch the install interactively for additional diagnostic information.

Would you like to continue with the remaining installs?"

  After I clicked "Retry", another mistake window popped out, it says:

   "side by side installation of 32-bit and 64-t SAS is not supported at this time. Please remove the installed SAS Foundation before installing this version. "

    I thought it might be the SAS I stopped during installation at the very beginning, so I tried to uninstall it using SAS's uninstall program in Control Panel. But another error appeared, it said:

  "SAS 9.2

>SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (390)

PAPPSmiley FrustratedAS 9.2

PVENDORSmiley FrustratedAS Institute Inc. (##ID_STRING1##)



@Windows XP Service Pack 2 (2600) IE 6.002900.2180"

When I click OK to this error, I then receive the following error:

"InstallShield Wizard

Please do the following:

  -Close any running programs

  -Empty your temporary folder

  -Check your Internet connection (Internet-based-Steups)

Then try to run the Setup again.

Error code: -5001"

When I click OK to this error, all of the uninstall windows close and nothing happens.

What I did next is to follow some posts online and delete manually all the folders and SAS-related keys in Registry. But I still can't read the DVD and install SAS again.(I'm very sure my DVD driver is fine!) I think there is still some remnant I didn't remove but I don't know where.

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SAS 9.2 Installation Issue. Need help

Tech Support..... Smiley Wink

Also Think about installing 9.3 now it is out.

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SAS 9.2 Installation Issue. Need help

You probably do need tech support's help to get out of this.  A couple of additional notes:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium is only supported for the some products (see the installation documentation).
  • SAS 9.2 is much easier to install from a SAS Software Depot than directly from the DVDs.

Doc Muhlbaier


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SAS 9.2 Installation Issue. Need help

And in some cases, hotfixes can't be applied unless you've installed SAS using the Wizard.

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Re: SAS 9.2 Installation Issue. Need help

I don't know if your still having this issue, but I solved it by removing all the SAS related keys under:




And then re-running my install script.

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Re: SAS 9.2 Installation Issue. Need help

Angelworks you are my hero! It's 9pm, I've been at school since before 7am, and I was battling SAS installations on student machines. You're fix worked and probably saved me hours more of headaches. Deep thanks from a tired SAS Programming teacher  Smiley Happy



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Re: SAS 9.2 Installation Issue. Need help

You would be much better off installing in a two tier environment with a dedicated server and only the clients (Enterprise Guide etc) on student's machines.

- you only have to set up the complete SAS system once

- you can use a REAL operating system

- you can take a look at student's data and solutions from your own desktop with a privileged userid

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Re: SAS 9.2 Installation Issue. Need help

You are very welcome - that made my day Smiley Happy. I saw this post while searching for a very specific error, and I was sad that there wasn't a solution - so I thought I'd add a solution in case someone else found this post searching google for answers.

I added some code in fact to my uninstall script for SAS 9.2 to search for SAS related keys under the uninstall keys and delete them so this issue doesn't pop up when my customers install the product.

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Re: SAS 9.2 Installation Issue. Need help

Kurt you are right with your proposal for a server/client approach. But He :

- will need how to handle a server-environment OS, multi-user approach etc.

- has to have some access to some server hardware somewhere. Unless schools are rich and willing to spend money and willing spend on needed support staff

The most easy approach is ... use your personal computer and type setup.... "Do it yourself, "ICT is something my boy of six can do. That is no real profession."

Do not laugh I remember this as being stated by an IT manager.         

---->-- ja karman --<-----
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Re: SAS 9.2 Installation Issue. Need help

"use your personal computer and type setup"

And the OP shows the fallacy of that statement. SAS installation has become considerably harder than ANY type of OS installation I ever ran into.

(ancedotalSmiley Happy

Setting up a new AIX box: 4 hours.

Setting up a new SAS version: 3 months.

With Windows Home he also may have to face the problem with users that have admin rights and can easily trash the setup.

I'd rather stick my head into an alligator's mouth than install SAS manually on multiple student's computers. Both actions end with your death, the second only prolongs the suffering Smiley Happy

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Re: SAS 9.2 Installation Issue. Need help

I actually automated the installer - I've installed it on over 800+ machines where I work - without ever actually going to the PC or lab where its installed. I've optimized it too so that it takes about 45 minutes (it used to take over 3 hours - and far far longer if someone was installing it off DVD's).

Optimizations I made - when the package is downloaded via System Center 2012 Configuration Manager normally it checks the sha hash value on every single file. So I 7-zipped all the SAS install files and in my install script I unpack after downloading - that way it will only check one file.

Next optimization I made - exclude the virus scanner from scanning the CCMCache folder, and exclude the \Program Files\SAS install folder. By default most virus scanners want to crack open all those .jar files to scan the contents - this really bloats the install time.

But yeah - overall I agree the SAS installer is a pig. Even at 45 minutes it still takes long than our entire Windows 7 production TS and all of its dependent apps/drivers.

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Re: SAS 9.2 Installation Issue. Need help

@Angelworks that what you have done is repacking of the results of the SAS installation procedure. A common practice at professional organizations with closed desktops.

As you are still using SAS 9.2 you have a release management issue. SAS 9.3 is already had several version and SAS 9.4 did his second one.

When are going to roll out? Is there something holding you up? You made my day by mentioning 9.2 ..

The problem is with those fixes for the Windows specific toolsm that are Eguide AMO and SAS-foundations.

With 9.4 You will find a msi sccm based option There are a lot of things to take care about. 50815 - Quietly deploying SAS® 9.3 in the enterprise using provisioning software  The configuration options addons has to be added to the sccm package and verified before rolling out.  You know all what is there?

Al lot of sas users wanting all freedom to change the SAs installation. Sometimes SAS TS will instruct them trying to find bypasses for SAS problems (fixes).  Blaming the closed desktop (you) when that is not possible.

Finding a problem a fix can be necessary. Fixing is becoming automated with sashfadd using the -\sashome\deploymentregistry.
To do that you must have a process for that.

I segregated with the java clients (DI studio, E miner, xml mapper, information map studio). They are zero impact windows-clients but having the same structure with ..\sashome\deploymentreg

This is default set up with the same java run-time as the browser is using. Updating java for the browser (vulnerabilities) can block functionality of java sas clients.
Just small part of the more advanced deployment issues after an initial sccm build.  

By the way, would you think a teacher on a school would go for sccm deploymentapproach?

---->-- ja karman --<-----
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Re: SAS 9.2 Installation Issue. Need help

Actually I'm just using SAS's setup.exe and using an answer file - for SAS 9.2. I rarely repackage anything where I work - I find repackaging just introduces compatibility issues down the road when patching or maintaining a package. I did wrap the whole process around a powershell script that logs the output from the installer among other things.

Here is the guide I used for this:

SAS(R) 9.2 Intelligence Platform: Installation and Configuration Guide

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Re: SAS 9.2 Installation Issue. Need help

Yep, repackaging is easily introducing new issues. When you do that you should very well understand all possible aspects. In fact the xml files structure found as installation are helpfull/needed.

Using the slilent install option. Is a nice one but is not complete

- The configuration issues and more as of some fixes are still as "to do"

- You are needing a shared location for the software depot (and responsefiles)  
   When the desktop management is outsourced or having several geographical locations this can become a big hurdle.

- Having Flexed workstations or a VDI  approach you are getting into re-install needs.

  When a install is lasting for more as an hour, the start of day of someday using it will be the first hours ... installing

  You could focus on a laptop/notebook usage. This is good for many clients until you are not wanting data on that machine. SAS/Base foundation is becoming chased to get rid off that notebook.

- Your doc reference is coming for a server (eip/baf) installation. That is Client/Server, the clients and server processes are sometimes strictly tied.   

   Needing to apply a fix can require updating the server and client at the same moment. Having possible several servers with different releases/fixes there is a need to support that at the clients also (different client versions).


The Deployment of SAS (software depot) is based on java and an tremendous lot of xml files calling possible several other tools.

Java and an own development installation tool is not the most lucky combination. Java has incompablity issues and all the xlm file processing is slooooow. 

53274 - Windows 8.1 Update 1 or Windows Server 2012 R2 Update 1 might cause batch commands for the S...

52767 - Windows 8.1 Update 1 or Windows Server 2012 R2 Update 1 might cause a SAS® installation to f...

Most of these issue hit in real life.  Yes, that is like a torture as Kurt has indicated.    

---->-- ja karman --<-----
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