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Restricting user access to SAS Grid

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Restricting user access to SAS Grid

Hello all,


Please can some one provide answer to below question


In our environment all the users by default have access to submit jobs to SAS Grid.


How can we restrict some users  to submit Jobs to sas grid environment ?


Thank you


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Re: Restricting user access to SAS Grid

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Hi @sasprofile

If logical server under your SAS application server context has a property checked under Load Balancing tab to launch servers via grid then all jobs would use grid. This is usually checked for standard workspace servers so that all the users submitted jobs can utilize the power of grid.

if you have lot of users that use grid then I dont think it's a good option to remove this check.
Instead you can configure a seperate application context for few applications that do not want to use GRID.


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Re: Restricting user access to SAS Grid

Can you elaborate a bit around this requirement?

Usually (but perhaps not in your case!) data needs to be protected, not computing resources...?

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Re: Restricting user access to SAS Grid

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Hello @sasprofile,


In GRID you normally can achieve this objective on many ways. The general recommendation would be to set different Queues ( , ) and SAS GRID Option Sets ( ).


The main idea would be:

  • Different queues can access different SAS resources. Examples: different application servers.
  • You can ser a different SAS application Server, for executing SAS code on GRID, and another app server for non GRID jobs.
  • You can set the access to each application server/queue through SAS GRID option sets, ot just metadata permissions


More info about GRID:


PS. @AndrewHowell, many thanks for your excellent job with the papers!

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