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Hello there,


We are considering to migrate our SAS Base platform from SAS Base 9.3 to SAS Base 9.4.

So, I'm really wondering if there are any features that have no problems in SAS Base 9.3 but are not supported anymore in SAS Base 9.4.


Could you share your expertise or any documents on it?


Thanks for you time and help in advance.

Super User

I would suggest going to

There are documents about the changes from previous versions.


Generally not a lot of things get unsupported in Base SAS. Other modules may have procedures replaced/consolidated/expanded or have some defaults change.


Strongly suggest before any migration that things that are stored in CATALOGS that you may use can be recreated with code or prepared for export so that they may be imported into a later version. Examples are Format catalogs. Without the code or data sets created with Proc Formats Cntlout option may be extremely difficult to recover across version boundaries.


Recommend thinking about 'bitness' as well. 


If you're going from 32-bit 9.3 to 64-bit 9.4, there are some breaking changes.  See e.g.:


Check out the Boston Area SAS Users Group (BASUG) video archives:
Opal | Level 21

Is your SAS server architecture and the OS it's running on changing? Are you changing user interfaces - SAS IDE, SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Studio? Any changes here ae likely to have way more impact than any language feature changes.

suga badge.PNGThe SAS Users Group for Administrators (SUGA) is open to all SAS administrators and architects who install, update, manage or maintain a SAS deployment. 

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