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Remove password protection

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Remove password protection



We have two users that left the company but their files are still on the server and we need to transfer the work to another user. Is there a way for SAS to password protect files, and if so how can we reverse it so that the new user can access the files.



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Re: Remove password protection

As far as I can tell there is no way to remove a password fro a dataset if you don't have it. I do remember reading that SAS Tech Support can help out. So I suggest you call them. Any other documented way to achieve this would be a major loophole in the security you wish to apply.


If you do have the password yiu can remove it with proc datasets. This has been answered in


I also suggest you learn from this and have users somehow hand over the info upon departure or chase them down and ask. You can use a password vault like Keepass to help preventing this from happening in the future.


Hope this helps, Jan.

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Re: Remove password protection


What kind of "SAS files" are protected with password? In the Metadata or the operating system
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Re: Remove password protection



I, too, highly recommend to contact Tech Sup asap. You want to make sure that your data is protected and not

accessable from anywhere. Even tho the users who left might not be able to access your data in any way, however,

I am always rather very cautious.


As mentioned earlier, it might be better if you as the admin protect data, secure data, rather than your users.

Are your users protecting their own data because all data from all users are written to the same location?


Are you running in a Metadata Server environment?






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