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Regarding Servers

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Regarding Servers


I read about Work space and store process servers but can some one help me out in understanding about them and use of object spawner.

What actually they do and difference in real time.I am using sas Eg and which servers it uses to execute my code

At our place they use a web page and we can run programs which will reside on unix server.The stored process is a code residing on our server.

How the SAS Stored Process Web Application works?.

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Re: Regarding Servers


That's quite a big topic and probably not something I could attempt to discuss fully here. In short a workspace server is often used to run ad-hoc hand-written or generated SAS language code, such as what might be written in the SAS Enterprise Guide code editor, or generated by adding tasks to a SAS Enterprise Guide project. Stored process servers run stored processes which are packages of pre-published SAS code (with other metadata such as parameter/prompt info etc) which can generate output (reports, files, tables etc). Those stored processes can be run from a number of SAS applications, including SAS Enterprise Guide and the Stored Process Web Application amongst others. Now stored processes can also be run on workspace servers, and there are various pros & cons of doing so, and a longer discussion of the topic could go into that (and many other things). The object spawner is responsible for starting workspace servers and stored processes servers on behalf of the applications that need them, and then controlling their life cycle. The object spawner has various configuration and tuning parameters in metadata to control the behaviour. In a multi-machine environment there might be multiple object spawners working in concert to handle the total workload with load balancing, grid etc.

I'm not sure which documents you might have already read and what your role is within the SAS platform. If you are administering the platform I would strongly recommend the SAS Platform Administration: Fast Track course. In addition to getting into the administration details, its starts off with an overview of the architecture and a discussion of the various tiers and server roles and how SAS applications use those based on what the user is doing in the application. It provides an excellent foundation.

If you haven't already read it, then the SAS 9.3 Intelligence Platform: Overview and in particular the Servers in the SAS Intelligence Platform section might help. If you want more detailed information then the SAS 9.3 Intelligence Platform: Application Server Administration Guide would be a good next step especially the Understanding Workspace Servers and Stored Process Servers section. There are also lots of really good conference papers that discuss SAS architecture too.

I hope this helps.



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Re: Regarding Servers

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Hey Paul,

Thanks for your reply that helps.I am actually back up admin now and i need to learn as fast i can about admin stuff as my current admin will be gone shortly.I attended the Platform essentials class.So I am learning about my environment and need to know how to maintain it.If there are any questions can i send directly to them.

Your help will be greatly appreciated

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