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Regarding Auto exec

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Regarding Auto exec


I want to know we have different autoexecs for different environments .I  want to know how the it will know when i am running from saseg to run which autoexec.Where is the opttion set.I read autoexec the order but where should i look to know the option is set or not.

Please forgive for my silly question.I am naive to this stuff.

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Re: Regarding Auto exec

When you start up SAS you begin with exactly one autoexec (which is defined in a config file). This autoexec will then eventually have some %include statement for another autoexec (and the included autoexec might have another include). That's how you can create "cascading" autoexecs.

What you need to find is the first autoexec. This first autoexec is most likely defined in a .cfg - and the .cfg is passed as a startup parameter during SAS invocation - eg. in the object spawner if it's SAS EG.

You can read up in the install documentation how the default looks like - but of course there might be site specific modifications to this default. The SAS Admin at your site should know how this works.

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Re: Regarding Auto exec

Hi Jason,

    If you are in a server environment with a metadata server you can define multiple Workspace server, each with it own sasv9.cfg and file. Using metadata security you'll be able to restrict access to each of those workspace server to specific groups or users (departments and individuals).

    This is the most efficient approach I found to support departments with different configurations.

I hope this helps.


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Re: Regarding Auto exec

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Re: Regarding Auto exec

You might this useful:

proc options option = autoexec ;

run ;

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Re: Regarding Auto exec

It depends what you are using.
Local Windows is rather basic, I suppose you are not asking that.

BI/DI Server comes in with an other approach. It is only the SAS-admin having those rights.

Autoexec and Configs (_user versions) are defined at every Appserver-context and possible at ever WS SP etc context.
And you have a generic user version. That gives al lot of autoexec and config files for users processes. They can also be related to each other .

You are an Eguide users. Than you can have an autoexec projectflow in every Eguide project. Same autoexec functionality as Eguide starts.  
Not the classic autoexec file is at your hands but a projectflow named the same.

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