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RTM Cluster master Status

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RTM Cluster master Status

in RTM cluster master status shows "RES-Down" (outof service ??) , canyou pease help me what actions I need to take to bring that back to "Ok" status?.


I tried to start this through "RES - startup" but it is asking for root password, which I dont have it.


another one I tried to look for the status from cmd line as below every thing is running fine on OS


/etc/init.d/lsfpollerd - status running 


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Re: RTM Cluster master Status

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It looks like the RES daemon needs to be restarted. LSF Daemons need to be started by root so you will have to get someone with root access or sudo to restart RES for you.

Stop RES: lsadmin resshutdown
Start RES: lsadmin resstartup

See the LSF doc: Administering Platform LSF (
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