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RMI port in sdm to improve emails

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RMI port in sdm to improve emails

I am a new to sas admin role. Trying to understand what is rmi port and rmi registry . if there are 2 rmi ports with 1000 will that improve efficiecny of email campaigns in ci stduio.

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Re: RMI port in sdm to improve emails

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I venture a response although it is not entirely clear what you are trying to achieve.


Remote Method Invocation, RMI for short, is a mechanism in the Java world to communicate between objects/classes on potentially different hosts or Java containers. For example. the SAS Remote Services use it. It is actually a mechanism that is largely under the hood of SAS and will only require attention when things fail.


Adding ports would not likely help in any way. Adding same-numbered ports would cause conflicts and yield errors. Adding ports below 1024 would potentially cause authorization issues as these are priviliged.


Hope this helps,

- Jan.

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