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Questions regarding 9.1.3 to 9.3 Migration

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Questions regarding 9.1.3 to 9.3 Migration

This summer we will begin our migration from SAS 9.1.3 to SAS 9.3 and I am having trouble determining where to start in architecting our new environment. Currently our SAS production implementation consists of 5 Windows 2003 servers all running virtually in VMWare.  The server breakdown is as follows:

  • 1 VM running Weblogic 8.1 Server running the SAS Information Delivery Portal and a few other SAS related web apps (Futrix, etc).
  • 1 VM running the SAS MetaData Server
  • 1 VMs running a SAS Stored Process Server and SAS/SHARE
  • 1 VMs running 2 SAS Stored Process Servers
  • 1 VMs running 2 SAS Stored Process Servers

We will be using Windows Server 2008 R2 as the OS for our new servers and continue to run them in the virtual space.

Here are some of my questions:

  • What is the best place to start as far as migration documentation goes?
  • What Windows server metrics or SAS logs can I use to determine if I can consolidate servers?
  • Also, is it simply a matter of preference on selecting a Middle Tier App Server? I am trying to decide between JBOSS and Weblogic for the new server. Does the Information Delivery portal run better on one than the other?


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Re: Questions regarding 9.1.3 to 9.3 Migration


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The SAS automated migration tools support migration for   SAS 9.1.3 to SAS 9.3.

The SAS Migration Utility uses the CPORT and CIMPORT procedures to change file formats when migrating within operating system families.

any have your using  weblogic server if your migtrate better use same server (weblogic)

This is the fourth of five tasks required to install SAS 9.3 and migrate your current SAS content:

> dsign your migration.

> Perform pre-migration tasks.

>. Install SAS 9.3 and migrate your content from an earlier SAS version.

>. Perform post-migration tasks.

>. Validate your migration.

The actual manual post-migration tasks that you should perform depend on which SAS products you are migrating. Regardless of the SAS products that make up your deployment, you should follow the steps listed in Instructions.html and review any configuration errors in ConfigurationErrors.html and in the configuration logs.

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Re: Questions regarding 9.1.3 to 9.3 Migration

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Check this link for migration..Hope its helps.



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