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Problem with installing SAS

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Problem with installing SAS


When I try to install SAS on my x32 pc and after importing the license files( in this license Base SAS is covered) in the next steps open a window(External Account: Trusted User in SAS Deploywizard) that I should enter credentials for SAS Trusted user and the other step enter credentials for sasadm. What should I do? 



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Re: Problem with installing SAS

What product(s) are you attempting to install? If you just want the SAS Client software, you shouldn't see prompts for sastrust or sasadm - verify your selection of machine if you're using a plan file. 


If you're after a larger offering, you will find more details in SAS(R) 9.4 Intelligence Platform: Installation and Configuration Guide 


It gives some information about the prompts you're seeing, with links to more details about setting up users. 

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Re: Problem with installing SAS

If you only want to have Base SAS (no clients or additional software), then I'd recommend to only install SASFoundation from the list and omit the Configuration step entirely. You will then have to create the links, sasv9.cfg and that you want on your own, but the installation itself is hassle-free.


If you want a whole SAS system, OTOH, you need to pay attention which deployment plan you use. Something like SASFoundation - Single Machine should suffice.

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