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Problem to open SAS E-miner locally

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Problem to open SAS E-miner locally




My question is related to opening SAS E-miner, hopefully I'm in the right board :-) 

I've installed SAS E-miner locally on my PC and trying to open it but getting the following error:


The application has encountered an unexpected problem with the selected SAS environment. Please contact your administrator for assistance.

I've checked the sassw.config and changed the URL to :


but still getting the same error. The java version is 1.7.


Any idea what could be the problem?

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Re: Problem to open SAS E-miner locally



The error "The application has encountered an unexpected problem with the selected SAS environment." is associated with a "server" not be able to connect to.  Usually with a local SAS Enterprise Miner install, you would use a Basic install - Install SAS Foundation and Relation Products and if SAS Enterprise Miner Personal Client is in the license, you could accept the defaults.The error message implies you installed either via basic or planned deployment the Enterprise Miner Client which is used to connect to a server.  


Could you check and see if you have a C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASEnterpriseminerWorkstationConfiguration\14.x\em.exe ?  If you do, see if you can start SAS Enterprise Miner Workstation client.


If you can't, you might need to open a support track with your order# and they can help you resolve the problem.


Kind regards, Linda


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Re: Problem to open SAS E-miner locally

Hello @Riana,


excuse me, the "locally" word can be a bit confusing, please help me to clarify some ideas:


- You have installed E-miner, on your PC. Do you want to run E-miner projects locally or on the server?

   a) if you want to run miner projects locally, you can proceed as @kellogg703 mentioned. You need the SAS EMiner Local Workspace edition and SAS Foundation installed on your PC (and license for them)

    b) if you mean to run miner projects on the server: the environmentsurl parameter is meant to connect to a server. Are you able to open the URL in a web browser? Do you have SAS Miner on your server? You could check this by yourself with  .

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