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Printer Setup in SAS 9.4 for RHEL 7

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Printer Setup in SAS 9.4 for RHEL 7



Let me first explain that I have very little experience with SAS. I installed and deployed the current 9.4 environment for a department here at Purdue University, but that is the extent of my experience. The department has since communicated their need for printers made available in SAS and furnished me with a list of names and IP addresses that are desired. I have found  "printer Setup" and most of it seems self explanitory, but on step 3 I have some questions. I am assuming that Device Type: is Printer. Is Destination: looking for an IP address? When I try with an IP and finish the installation, I try to print a test page and the output is:


ERROR: Unable to write to broken pipe lp -d10.160.227.107.

NOTE: 65536 bytes written to Ip -d10.160.227.107.

Message(s) received from the pipe command:

Ip: The printer or class does not exist. 


Warning: Pipe was closed with non-zero return status: 1


Thank you in advance for any help.



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Re: Printer Setup in SAS 9.4 for RHEL 7

When you use filename printer on a UNIX system, SAS uses the configured printing backend from the operating system. So you have to make sure that the lp daemon is configured correctly; you may have to supply additional information in the "name" part of the filename statement:

filename printout printer "-dqueue_name";

queue_name would be the name of a configured printing queue.

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