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Poll -- share your upgrade processes and preferences

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Poll -- share your upgrade processes and preferences

As a Product Manager for SAS, one of my challenges is clarifying capabilities that are important to our customers, and distinguishing “interesting” capabilities from those you, our customers, view as “top priority”. Today I’m looking for your feedback about the upgrade process for metadata-based deployments.

For many of the SAS client software – desktop and web-based – SAS has a requirement that the version of the client must be kept in synch with the version of the servers. Is this an acceptable process for you? How do you coordinate upgrades of SAS servers with upgrades of SAS clients – in terms of planning, timing,  staff, or other considerations?


If this topic is important to you, please complete this poll.  If you would like to talk more, send me a note!  Donna Bennett

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Re: Poll -- share your upgrade processes and preferences

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(Already answered poll).  Our SAS server (*nix) users generally don't use the EGuide client at all; we are just trying that out.  They generally run programs in batch mode (both for the audit trail and performance reasons).

Our PC SAS users are generally just running local servers, so the client-server communication is easier, though the install is harder to manage.

Doc Muhlbaier


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