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Planning for logical servers and grid option sets

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Planning for logical servers and grid option sets

We are planning to implement the SAS Grid Manager. While discussing the latest 9.4 features (we will use 9.4M3 on RHEL) we could not decide on the balance between multiple logical servers (like in our case DI, BI and EM) and having just one and sticking all usage scenarios in grid optionsets and configuring just one server context (eg. SASApp).


Can anyone elaborate on what to  consider when designing the set of logical grid servers in this light?


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- Jan

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Re: Planning for logical servers and grid option sets

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This really seems to be a topic you want to discuss with your SAS onsite tech support/contractor. Before they can provide a viable solution, they need to know almost every aspects of your institution in this regard. Your budget (which is everything), your hardware resource configurations, dev/test/prod setups,  your data source (SAS table, RDBMS, hadoop etc), your user populations, your data usage, the proportion of DI/ETL jobs, the usage of EM (could be overwhelming), how many scheduled jobs, ad-hoc jobs ect, and how they distributed in 24 hours,  the expected data usage growth in a few years, IT/Security/Regulatory restrictions and many many others. In the institution (20k+ employees and 500+ SAS users, financial sector) I work for, it took several month and dozens of meetings before they can come up a plan. 

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Re: Planning for logical servers and grid option sets

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Check what will happen implementing LSF

There are several roles: Cluster Administrator / Consumer Administrator / Consumer User  There is a lot of planing with resourcese/balancing user grpups and classes.  Groups/classes are meant tor manage resources.


Any idea how you would connect those to SAS metadata-settings?

Any idea how to run service managed automated processings?   


See:  (9.4 schedule ug)

- defining users page 13
- Resolving SAS Exit Behavior When Using Platform Suite for SAS page 17
The paper covers the work how to manage different queues in LSF the sample is for dev/tst/prod wiht user-stage but can be extende to any business requirement of loadmanaging. The sample is requiring setting something in a script. That is also possible in a SASapp definition .

It would be make sense to undestand the LSF environment than the LSF/SAS connection and wiht the business requirements choose the approach wiht sasapp servers.

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