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PROC S3 Procedure Questions

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PROC S3 Procedure Questions

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SAS Current version: 9.04.01M4P110916


Is the SAS/ACCESS Interface to Amazon Redshift required to use the PROC S3 procedure to connect to a S3 bucket? 


There are several SAS programmers that require access to the S3 bucket. Is there one config file for all SAS programmers or need to add the config file in each SAS programmer /home/username Linux directory?

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Re: PROC S3 Procedure Questions

Hi @Jlochoa


If the programmers are using a centralized account (the same credentials) then a single directory would be fine. If they each have their own accounts they will need to have individual directories so that their keys are not shared.


Best wishes,

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Re: PROC S3 Procedure Questions

Hi Jeff,


Is there a way to set server side encryption in the Proc S3 config file or some other way. The S3 bucket requires this encryption.




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Re: PROC S3 Procedure Questions

I have played a little with this using SAS 9.4m5, not sure if there are any changes from 9.4m4.


Basically I was experimenting with just storing PROC S3 format configuration files in users home directories.  For each bucket they need to access have them create a file text file in the .ssh directory with the name of the bucket can content like:


Then they can do something like:

* Copy file to S3 ;
%let bucket=mybucket;
proc s3 config="~/.ssh/&bucket";
  put "myfile" "/&bucket/myfile";
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Re: PROC S3 Procedure Questions

Hi Tom,


I created the .ssh directory in my /home/username directory and added the tks3.conf file. Unfortunately, the access denied error message in the log file


ERROR: Could not put file.

ERROR: Access Denied
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