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PPM Flow stuck in running state

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PPM Flow stuck in running state

In Platform Process Manager I have a flow instance where all the jobs have completed, but the flow is still in running state. I think maybe jfd was being restarted when it completed (not certain about that).


I have tried the following to move it into exit or done state:


  • Right click on the flow instance and click kill
  • jkill command.
  • Both the above give the following message: “Invalid operation. The flow is already completed.”
  • Rerunning a job in the flow – job runs but flow does not change status when job finishes
  • Deleted Cache in .../work/storage/cache and restarted jfd – no effect


The .dat file is in .../work/storage/flow_instance_storage/finished, not in equivalent ‘active’ directory.


Here is the output from jflows <flowid> command, notice the end time is after the start time…


FLOW_ID: 205075


USER                NAME                                   

<removed>            CIT_HST_FINREP_LM                      


STATE     START TIME                         END TIME

Running   Mon Mar 27 10:06:26 GMT+01:00 2017 Fri Mar 24 20:38:58 GMT+01:00 2017






NAME      TYPE         STATE     JOBID

<removed>  Job          Done      646059

<removed>  Job          Exit        684169

<removed>  Job          Done      645871

<removed>  Job          Done      645879

<removed>  Job          Done      645872

<removed>  Job          Done      645878

<removed>  Job          Done      645873

<removed>  Job          Done      645883

<removed>  Job          Done      646085

<removed>  Job          Done      648037

<removed>  Job          Done      645875

<removed>  Job          Done      645884


How can I remove this flow from running state?


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Re: PPM Flow stuck in running state



Maybe this is a good candidate for SAS Tech Sup.




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Re: PPM Flow stuck in running state

Hello Joe,


Thank you for opening a track with SAS Technical Support.    We will be continuing to work with you to debug and resolve this issue.  


For those following this thread, a resolution will be posted once an answer is found.


Best Regards,



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Re: PPM Flow stuck in running state

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In this situation with Platform Process Manager 8.1.239197, there are IBM patches that should resolve the issue.  Before applying patches, issue the following command to double check that patches aren't already in place.


    PM/8.1/etc/jfd -V


For this customer, Build106823 was recommended:  \\sashq\root\dept\ftp\outgoing\build106823 


Not unlike SAS hot fixes, it's always a good idea to ensure available patches for LSF and PPM are current.






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Re: PPM Flow stuck in running state

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Thanks all, yes we have a patch from SAS for PPM and we are just lining up the resource to test and implement. I will update this discussion when we have implemented.

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