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PAM Authentication

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PAM Authentication

Has anyone worked on PAM Authentication on Windows and Linux machines.

We currently have IWA for authentication and wish to move to PAM for Authentication, if you could share some insights while doing so would really help.



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Re: PAM Authentication

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On Linux (RHEL 5 & 6), we have set up PAM authentication some time ago for SAS Servers. We had issues on IOM SAS sessions (Stored Process, Workspace etc.) authentication because SAS authentication proxy  (SASELSRV) didn't response correctly. The following change quickly resolved the problem :

Modify  "sasauth.conf" :


(line no. 40)


(line no. 164)

GROUP_NOCASE=TRUE   uncommented

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Re: PAM Authentication

Thanks Ronan.

We are struggling to find expertise for implementation of PAM on Linux (RHEL 6) if you have any documentation with regards to the same please share.

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Re: PAM Authentication

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Using pam on Unix is possible compromising the system security

. Be sure you get those guys aligned to use pam. It is the only option on Linux with Sas. Only aix is supporting LAM. Following the instructions should give no technical problem.

Only when going into mixed authentication providers with IWA there is a lot.

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