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Optimiztion Plan Design document

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Optimiztion Plan Design document

Hi ,

we are doing Migration process 9.2 Pc as to 9.4 Linux environment. I need to prepare optimiztion Plan Design document and submit to client. Is there any good document available to prepare optimization plan for SAS 9.4 linux environment. Or if any body have any documentaton regarding Optimization process please shate it to me

Appreciate you support in this matter

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Re: Optimiztion Plan Design document

It would help if you would explain what you mean by optimization plan design. Optimize what - the SAS applications being migrated, or the SAS 9.4 installation itself?

In any case when migrating SAS applications, there are more important considerations. For example testing that the applications run without errors and that they give you the same results as 9.2. 

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Re: Optimiztion Plan Design document


my advise:

first check the requirements for SAS 9.4 (check foundation and all your SAS solutions and products, including the SAS/ACCESS Interfaces to your datasources) on the OS you want to use:

Added to the comment frim SASWiki: you can find different kind of migrations for SAS:

data migration (Databases or sas datasets)

Applications and programs from users

Move your server from one domain to other, change your server name/ips/other basic configurations

SAS software to newer versions: in this case, you can do an upgrade of the software, or install the new software from scratch and then migrate the metadata and the content.

For the first one, check: t if you move from a 32 bit to 64 bit environment and software ( I am expecting you are already on 64) and if you are changing your OS. If so, you will need data migration

The second one will require an analysis more in detail that I cannot describe now and here.

The third can be supported by cloning the (vm) servers, the hostname update utility, changing configuration files, etc

And the forth can be approached as commented and then decide if you will export/import metadata and BI content or you will use the SMU (SAS Migration Utility) to migrate to the new version. Or upgrade the software and then fix what is required, but it is risky, sometimes you don;t need to do anything else and it is easy, but sometimes .... better not to explain.

My advise: read some public and official documentation that will help you a lot:

Hope this can help you

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Re: Optimiztion Plan Design document

For optimization start with your expected load for the machines  Having not sufficient  power is very difficult to adjust afterwards. Unhappy users are most likely lost customers.

You are going to a Linux environment and that is quite different than doing it yourself in a pc desktop environment.

There is not migration document for that. It is a possible disruptive culture shock not easily being survived. It depends on the kind of users and processes in place.   

When you see all his of a BI/DI server environment approach then nothing in place is like the work done for a new environment.

Even business policies guidelines and processes can easily become hurdles. Any inventory work done in this area? (spec&reqs) 

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