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On which port sas responds back to client machine

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On which port sas responds back to client machine

Heartily Greetings to the most intellectual community members.

Please help me to understand the concept, for the below question of mine.


I have a Metadata Server , once I start the start the services ,8561 port is ready to listen the request.

Then I opens a Firewall rule for 8561 port which allows my client machine(windows desktop) to connect my Metadata Service.

When I went through the SAS document it explains the port as inbound and outbound port.


SO does SAS Metadata Server uses 8561 Port  to send the response to the client machine whether the User is authenticated or not ?

 If not How the Servers are interacting between them ?

Do I need to open the ports in firewall as well on 8561 port as source as Metadata Server and Destination as My Desktop.



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Re: On which port sas responds back to client machine

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Hello @ruturaj72,


quick answer: if the SAS document says inbound and outbound, that is exactly what you need to configure in the firewall (usualy there is a checkbox to activate both out/in).


Consider the www, http and https connections to internet. You connect by default to 80 and or 443 ports. How the web server does response, on which port? Same questions, similar answers.


The answer is always on how the port sockets do work. You can search for it in the internet.


Just for reference of other readers, the complete list (I guess the one you refer to) is

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