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We recently had a our Maintenance update from 9.4 M2 to 9.4 M3 . This a grid environment with 10 nodes of which only 9 are active and one active. This one inactive node was acting as metadata node earlier but later was changed. Currently our Metadata nodes are two nodes from our active nodes (including as failover). This being said the compute services script had to be changed and customized as per the grid. And the original script was considering the inactive node as the node name , before customizing.

Now with maintenance update in place , the initial configurations goess well, but while the time of SAS services to start , it fails to start Object spawner and other compute services.

  • We have reviewed the ObjectSpawner directory for M2 and M3 and noted that customizations made directly to the M2 script gets overwritten by the M3 upgrade, which is expected but the node chosen for the new script gets to be the in active node.
  • So is there a way to indetify the way the choice of node is made for the ObjectSpawner or other compute services is made?
  • Or is there a way to use the exisisting customizations with respect to Object spawner script or any other compute services script while updating from M2 to M3.
  • Is there a depedent config file which makes the decision while SAS deployment Wizard initates the services , which can be checked.

Do let me know for any more details on the same . Appreciate your suppport.

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Re: script which gets updated newly with an maintenance update

You should never modify script/configuration files unless they have the word usermods in it.
I don't have SAS at my fingertips right so I can'ttell you in detail what to do, besides putting your modifications seperate from Institute provided scripts.
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Re: script which gets updated newly with an maintenance update



I don't fully understand your question, but like Linus says, you should always try to add to the *_usermods files that are sourced by the main script where you can. If you want to modify a script that doesn't have a _usermods file you can always create one and source it in the same manner from the original script - this way, if it ever gets overwritten you will only ever have to add the line that sources it.


If you're looking to find out which of your spawners is the parent in a cluster you can get this from the spawner logfiles. This is a good read:



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