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OAuth2 authorization to SAS Studio via KeyCloak (SSO)

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OAuth2 authorization to SAS Studio via KeyCloak (SSO)

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I am a software engineer and haven't worked with SAS at all. I have a task to learn whether one can connect to SAS Studio via KeyCloak (Single Sign-On, OAuth2/OpenID Connect) and try to do it, if it is possible.


I know that that the given SAS is running on Linux and there is, I suppose, Base SAS 9.4 (with SAS Studio in complect?). I can connect to it by browser (and sftp).


I've found this and this. I suppose, that it is possible to configure SAS Server (or SAS Studio?) to use OAuth2/OpenID Connect and authorize by KeyCloak.


However, I'm not confident, whether my conclusion is right. And I can't even try to figure it by myself, because I haven't found any instllation option for SAS Server except SAS University, which is a virtual app and I suppose it is a black box to any configuration.


Can anyone say whether I'm on a right way or point me where I'm wrong?

What and where should I configure to connect KeyCloak with SAS?


Thak You in advance.


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Re: OAuth2 authorization to SAS Studio via KeyCloak (SSO)

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Take a look at the following paper:


Hope that helps




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