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Newbi Install


Newbi Install


We have just purchased SAS and I need to install the product.  We are only going to intsall on one Windows 2008 r2 server.

I got everything installed, except I did not use the option to use a deployment plan.  Will I be regretting my decision?  This product is

only going to be used by a select few individuals.  Also what would be the next step after the install? I don't even know where to look.

Any kind sole willing to point me in the correct direction.

Thank You


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Re: Newbi Install

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One disadvantage of not using a deployment plan is that if you ever decide to upgrade,reconfigure or apply maintenance to your SAS server it will be more difficult to do so. This link might help your understand deployment plans better:

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Re: Newbi Install

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Assuming you have purchased a BI bundle with an included mid-tier, I would
suggest cleaning the server and starting over with one of the standard plans,
if a custom plan was not included, the standard plans are different depending
on the software purchased (yours would be a single machine plan) and which web
server is being used such as JBoss. This is basically a two-step process one to
install, then one for configuration. The plan file will help with the
configuration of your deployment. Your configuration is easier since it is a
single machine deployment but the configuration step is important because it
makes the linkages between all the software components to insure they can
communicate with each other.

A couple of tips: when starting the install on a Windows 2008 host remember
to right click the setup file and select "run as administrator". This
also applies to the client installs on Windows 7. Make sure to follow the post
configuration steps in the instruction.html file that gets created during and for
your configuration. Then look for the validations steps in the instructions
file and complete each step , this will show that everything in your
configuration is working. This is an overview summary of the process the link
above should be read to understand the details and I would suggest reading the SAS(R)
9.3 Intelligence Platform: Installation and Configuration Guide
. Enjoy.

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