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New releases for SAS Data Management products

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New releases for SAS Data Management products

Hi, I am trying to automate SAS MA release tables utility. The file is on the mid-tier. SASMATABLES is on compute tier. How do I write the script. is there any simple way that i can do that.


Thank you

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Re: New releases for SAS Data Management products

Hi and hmmm,


first, I think the subject of the topic does not match with the question. The subject is about SAS Data Management and the question is about SAS Customer Intelligence/Marketing Automation. Just saying in order to help you people can help you.


Besides this, You could also try to drop the question on the Customer Intelligence Community, this is a tricky technical/functional question. 


What do you mean with the question about "release the SASMATABLES", exactly? A bit of info about this process could help too, at least to me.


Thank you in advance!


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