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Multiple Work Directories?

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Multiple Work Directories?



We recently attached a DAS / SAN to our server for WORK / UTILOC. We'd like to map some users to the new SAN, for testing, while keeping other users remaining at the old location. 


We use EG 7.1 with SAS 9.4. Is it possible to create profiles for users and have each profile pointing to a different WORK directory? Anything other than having the user type WORK = 


Any tips? 




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Re: Multiple Work Directories?

Since those locations are set at statup, you need to modify the configuration.


On UNIX, the environment variable SASCFGPATH contains the names of .cfg files that SAS reads the configuration from. Adding a .cfg file in user's home directories might provide a method to set individual locations.


On 9.2. that variable is set in after sourcing, so sadly one cannot do the customization in usermods, but needs to modify a file that is not intended to be changed by the user (as a SAS hotfix might overwrite

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Re: Multiple Work Directories?

Can the USER library be leveraged here and assigned for certain users? 


If a library called USER exists, unless WORK is specifically referenced one level datasets will be stored in USER. 

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Re: Multiple Work Directories?


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Re: Multiple Work Directories?

Hi ardobbins 


If you are using SAS 9.4 and you are on GRId you could also try Grid option sets or point to a different work location when you are using the SASGSUB command.


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