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Monitor Grid server and SAS server usage

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Monitor Grid server and SAS server usage

Can someone of you tell me on how to monitor Grid server and how to identify that nodes are balanced? Also I wanted to know how to monitor and control SAS server usage.

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Re: Monitor Grid server and SAS server usage

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Hello @Babloo,


any monitoring tool should help you with it. It will depend on the level of monitoring you want to go into. This topic was discussed and solved at 


- With general IT monitoring tools, such as Tivoli, Nagios or Zabbix, you can see the CPU, RAM and sisk usage, so you can still see if the workload is balanced or not.


- Same goes with the SAS Environment Manager, with the difference WVM can give you additional detailed information on JVM processes and more SAS-focused metric.


- SAS Grid Manager, IBM RTM or the LSF command line commands, you will find more detailed information related to the LSF queues.


For the control part, nothing better as the Grid Option Sets  and the definition of the Queues.


SAS Grid Option Sets:


LSF Queues:


SAS Grid manager:







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