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Model Manger performance

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Model Manger performance

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If SAS Model Manager is slow, what should be checked? Or what are those that can affect the performance?



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Re: Model Manger performance

Hello @Riana,


the slowness depends on many things, but I would make my first bet that it is slow just due to Java - JVM boundaries that are reached.

Here is what I would do, for starters:


0. Check if any non-SAS service/process is consuming your server resources. If any, manage it to give resources back to SAS.

1 . I would restart the middle tier, and before starting the services, I would clean/archive the temporary files (SASServerX_X\work \temp and \log)

2. Once it is restarted, if performance is still slow, I would recommend you to clean/archive your audit tables in WIP database ( ), then restart the middle-tier.



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