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Migration from IIs to Azure App Service

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Migration from IIs to Azure App Service



We have a Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 5 web site based on the Framework 4.6.1 hosted on Internet Information Server (IIs) 8.5 on a Windows 2012 R2 server. The "SAS 9.4" client is installed on that server. The web site connect a remote SAS 9.4 server using c# code "SAS.Workspace".


We would like to migrate this web site on an Azure App Service.


Azure App Service doesn’t allow us to install anything on the host. Is there a NuGet package that we could use in our dotnet project? Or is there another way to connect to SAS within a web site hosted in an Azure App Service.


Thanks in advance.

Francis Grignon

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Re: Migration from IIs to Azure App Service

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Hello Francis,


Have a look at the following webpage, I think it is answering your question:




Johann Kerdal

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Re: Migration from IIs to Azure App Service

Thanks Johann for the solution.


We will use a Docker container instant. It will be less complicated. That way we will be able to install the SAS Client in an container with IIs preinstalled and then, add our web site in it. The container will be push after to an Azure.



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