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Migration : SAS Visual Analytics 7.3

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Migration : SAS Visual Analytics 7.3

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We're migrating SAS VA  7.3  from Windows Server to SAS VA  7.3  Linux Server . We would like to know if is possible reuse my objects , semantic layer, etc., assigning new data sources with the same structure and field names.  If is possible, how to procedure .

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Re: Migration : SAS Visual Analytics 7.3

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It should not be a big issue to you. But before stating that is not an issue it might be a good idea to review some considerations:

1. First of all, your SAS datasets in disk will require to be migrated/exported from Windows to Linux encoding

2. The same goes to formats and other catalogs, if any.

3. And if you have any custom scripts, they should be migrated too.

4. And any other customization: scripts, config files, autoexec, themes, etc

5. Your IT department will need to reimplement your Authentication provider

6. In your metadata, your users will need to login as USER@domain, instead of your current domain\USER

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